Retreats and Overnight Lodging

​​There are three upstairs bedrooms that together offer five beds. Two smaller rooms (10 ft x 12 ft) each have one bed. The master bedroom (22 ft x 12 ft) has three beds. They are all leather futon/twin beds. This floor also has a full bath with a tub and walk in shower.

There is plenty of room for extra if people want to cozy up on mats in sleeping bags. We ask that overnight accommodation does not exceed 13 (like the 13 Moons) guests. We have a thing for numerology.

The main floor also offers a full bath, a kitchen and living room space with a fire place. This river stone fire place gives off great heat and is certainly in the room to be enjoyed, with its rustic vibe and window views of the forest. The room envelopes you in pine logs and has great energy.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you will feel this when you gather to enjoy meals with those sharing space with you. We are happy to ensure it is well stocked with coffee and tea. It has a screened in porch overlooking the back yard, which also leads you to the deck. In the cooler weather there is an outdoor heater and on the side lot there is a large fire pit.

We have just begun gardening and landscaping, and love getting our hands in the dirt and welcome other gardeners to do the same. Perhaps we can plant our hopes and dreams while we plant flowers. Please visit our About page to learn more about our Healing Forest and Project Heart garden.  ​

Until the weather is warmer and we can add additional parking, you can put approximately 7 vehicles in the driveway. If larger groups are renting the space, we ask that people think green and car pool. You are able to park on the main road (Dozois) as long as your wheels are off the pavement and you are considerate of traffic. Safety first!

​​Direct route to downtown Ottawa, approximately 30 minutes to Parliament/Rideau Centre

  • Approximately 15 minutes to Airport

  • Approximately 10 minutes to Barrhaven Train Station

  • Fine dining, craft and specialty boutiques in Manotick's historical village

Fire Room

The size of this room is 14 ft x 30 ft and is located on the northern side of the main floor. Its walls are pine logs, and it has a beautiful river stone fireplace. This room is truly what being in a log home is all about. It is simply rustic and beautiful.

There is a cozy sitting area overlooking the backyard with bird feeders by the window, so the wonderful teachings of our feathered friends could be observed.

Ideas for space: the perfect place to come together for drum groups, sharing circles, healing circles, meditation and yoga.

Transcendental Room

To be in this space is exactly what the name implies. The flooring allows one to feel like they are sitting on top of the World, perhaps on one of our Earth Mother's oceans. The wall mural makes one feel like they are in the centre of the Universe. The size of this space is 15 ft x 30 ft and is located in the basement.

The vision of this room was to create a place of absolute Zen, and allow space for yoga, dance and meditation. But of course, welcomes all ideas. A screen and projector are available for use to assist with workshops.

We suggest the use of mats, but the floor is a unique epoxy material that offers comfort and grip. Folding chairs are provided for those who require extra support. In time, we will have a selection of rugs and cushions to offer different options of seating.

Jenny Sutherland, Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge, Educator, Healer, Visionary, Caretaker, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

Amythest Room

The name says it all. This room carries a lot of Spiritual energy. It was inspired by our Mother Earth, and the sacred teachings of the plant and mineral world. My favourite being the Amythest crystal, which grids the room. ​The size of this room is 10 ft x 16 ft, and is in the upstairs southeastern corner of the lodge. It has a futon/twin bed, and a massage table.

Ideas for space: Shamanism, Reiki, Integrated Energy Treatments, Massage.

New Moon Room

The creation of this room was inspired by Grandmother Moon. It offers a sacred space for new beginnings and is gridded by Moonstone. The size of the room is 10 ft x 16 ft, and is located in the upstairs southwestern corner of the lodge. It has a futon/twin bed, and a massage table.

Ideas for space: Shamanism, Reiki, Integrated Energy Treatments, Massage.

Sky Room

The idea behind this room was to offer a space to come together to share knowledge and facilitate needed understanding. All essential for learning how to move forward in a good way whether that be with forging new relationships with others, or with oneself. 

The size of this room is 22 ft x 12 ft. It is located in the upstairs northern side of the lodge. It has three futons (twin beds). It holds space for our library, we invite people to our resources and participate in a book exchange.

Ideas for space: book club gatherings,talking and sharing circles, healing circles, art showcases.

The Healing Forest, Gardens and Sacred Fire Pit.

Created to remind us of children lost to the residential school system. A place for medicine walks, reflection, sharing. Where we disconnect with our busy lives for a just a moment and reconnect to Mother Earth and find our way home to ourselves.

About: Healers, Artisans, Sacred Spaces & Retreats.


Healers may rent lodge space. Meet the Wild Women of Misiwe Members. To become a member, please email


Art is in its own way healing, and crafting is therapeutic in its own essence. So, artisans who teach and offer classes are healers in their own right.

Sacred Spaces

Misiwe Ni Relations Lodge offers several spectacular spaces that will accommodate healing, gathering and sharing; our vision is community.


Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge is your perfect and safe space for private retreats. Sleeping spaces, full kitchen and outdoor spaces fill all your needs.